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Search Engine Optimization

At Sound Marketing Studios we have been optimizing web sites for search engines for the past 12 years, with a proven track record for increasing the volume of traffic to websites; by getting sites to the top of search engines via meta tags and site content optimization, and increasing your on line community of incoming links.

We are able to provide professional SEO as a stand alone service if you already have a website, or let us develop your branding, with the creation of a website, logo, and company write-up.

The following is a description of the various aspects of SEO.
Some listed here are a part of the initial SEO efforts, and some
are part of ongoing SEO as described later in the page.

See Rates near bottom of page....


The first step in our successful SEO program is a study of relevant keywords to target for your specific business or persona. We then search these specific keywords related to what you or your business is all about with various professional programs to determine how many people type in those keywords or phrases every month.

The next step in the process is finding a niche for your company or artist, and zero in on the keywords that will bring you the high rankings with the most possible traffic.

Text on your page is a very crucial part of SEO and we can either make the suggestions or physically re-write your text, implementing those keywords and phrases that we want to emphasize to attract the most public.

Making sure your website is "search engine friendly" is a crucial part of SEO. We can help you with your navigation of your site, making suggestions on the layout, and showing you the best way to bring your consumers to a sale.

Your Meta-tags are configured and placed in your html, including your keywords, your titles, and your descriptions written to zone in on your chosen niche.

We can also increase your hits in search engine image search, map searchand so on, keeping in mind that it is good to cover all the bases of ways that people search, and by building up every area we are strengthening your overall success.

Quality incoming links is a very important part of
SEO and should be an ongoing process. This is a service we are very familiar with and can bring you links from sites that are related to yours, thereby creating a network of business links that act as a linking community; creating hits for your site that are over and above, and apart from search engine hits. These incoming links also tell the search engines that you are important to other businesses and as an important bonus you will also receive higher search engine results from good quality incoming links.

At Sound Marketing Studios we use these and many other various factors to enhance your site and bring in more business or exposure for you. These strategies are built on years of our personal success and experience. Ongoing marketing and search engine optimization takes time, but sticking with it will help establish a strong visitor base for your site, or expand your online business through increased sales.

Our track record is tried and true, and references are available.


At Sound Marketing Studios we can offer you SEO as an initial boost for your site, if you haven't ever had any optimization, this will do a lot for you.
If you are really serious however about building an online community and
having your site virtually everywhere, you will choose the ongoing marketing option below:

SEO Initial Boost:

1) Search and evaluation of keyword and keyword terms
2) Narrowing down keyword terms to find your niche
3) Tag site index page with meta-tags.

4) Submit to Google, MSN and Yahoo


Combined Service for Even Better Results:

1) Link search resulting in:
- 10 to 15 quality incoming links from various sources

2) Search and evaluation of keyword and keyword terms
3) Narrowing down keyword terms to find your niche
4) Make suggestions for text to include keyword scenarios
5) Tag site index page with meta-tags.

6) Submit to Google, MSN and Yahoo
7) Place counter on site to see where your hits are coming from
8) Code site to Google Analytics for future analysis,
bringing you a wealth of information about your possible clients, where they come from, and how to get them to contact you via your website.


Ongoing Marketing Campaign:
This is where you will see your site climb over time,
and increase your presence over the world wide web. This is the best power you can have to market your business! It is much better than spending money on any other form of advertising.

-Tag images on your site
- Make navigation suggestions for greater sales success
- Make sure your pages are loading quickly enough, and check for other possible errors
- Tag all pages on your site with title, keywords, and descriptions
- Slowly build up a community of quality incoming links
- Create a detailed graph to track all of your ongoing success, using tools such as Google Analytics.
- Continue to track your keyword success, narrow down and make changes until we find the best result in search engines
- Send weekly updates to pinpoint your success in various areas including incoming link increase, keyword scenario success and traffic volume increase, along with other important tracking information.

- Study of text on your site, rewrite or add text
- Submit to many other search engines
- Blogging Services
- Youtube, Facebook, Linkedon, and Twitter

Ongoing Marketing Campaign is currently 60 dollars per hour.
You pick the amount of hours to allot each week towards building your success.

Previous and Current Clients Include:

Marry Us
Praise Charts
Atomic Themeworks

Follow Your Own Star Counselling
House Smart Home Improvements
Script Consultant Catherine Kretz
Kavanagh Limousine Services
Furnaces and Heat Pumps Vancouver
Sound Marketing Studios
Linda Maze
Edd Wright
Marry Us Wedding Officiant

Please call Linda for details:



Your efforts so far
have increased my traffic
from about 2500 a day to
more like 3500 a day.
That is significant!

- Ryan Dahl,
Praise Charts Owner

"The good news is that
I am starting to get inquiries and the best news is that I've landed
a writing deal with a
writer from the USA!
So what we're doing is working. Thank you.

-Script Consultant Catherine Kretz

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