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Newsletter Archives:
Recording Vocals
By Phillip Dunget

Sound Marketing Studios

Phil's Six Steps to a Great Vocal Sound!

First and foremost, your preamp is the heart of the sound.
It is wise to invest in a good mic preamp like
Focusrite, T.C. Electronic, T.L., Audio, or Avalon.

Secondly, use a condenser mic like AKG, Audo Technica,
or Neumann. If you are on a budget the Apex mics are

a good buy.

Thirdly, record your vocal trax in the largest room possible
as smaller rooms or vocal booths tend to sound boxy. You want
to avoid any reflection from the walls as it can cause what
is called a "comb filter" effect.

Fourthly is to remember that you want to be aware

how far you are positioning the singer from the mic.
Generally about 6 to 8 inches is the rule. If you get too
close you run the danger of a bass boost caused by the proximity
effect but having said that you may want to be closer if you
are doing voiceovers or rap for example as it may create a
warmer sound for you.

Number five, let's talk a bit about EQs. I find it best to record flat
(no e.q.) as you can eq when mixing if necessary.
99 percent of the time, if you are following the advice above and
using a good singer, microphone, and preamp, you shouldn't
have to EQ much.

And finally Number six: it's a good idea to lightly compress vocals
when recording. It will help in leveling out the track in the mixing
and it will stop any peaks / clip on the input stage.

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