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Rates and Information

CD Mastering is $50 a song for in-house recordings
or $60 a song for all other recordings.

We supply all of your CDR Duplication needs as well as large
quantity CD Replication, at extremely reasonable rates.

soundcraft recording board

Audio Mastering is the last (but not least) stage in your music
and prepares your cd for the final pressing stage.
The importance of getting your music mastered cannot be over-
emphasized as it can dramatically improve the sound and overall
consistency of your recordings, making your mixes shine with that
extra warmth, kick, and/or clarity.

If you have recorded your material in your own home studio it
is even more crucial to have your songs mastered, as you
will need the extra edge to compete with the bigger budget
If you have recorded your songs in your own studio
you also may want to consider having your songs re-mixed
here before the mastering stage to enhance your production.

Sound Marketing Studios we make sure every track has
the same punch and mix as the last, giving your album maximum
impact throughout every song.

We use a number of great mastering tools including:
Pro Tools, Waves, WaveLab, and T C Electronic.

We will make your final mixes shine!

Sound Marketing Studios also offers In-House CD Design
and can order your CDs for you directly from the best pressing
plants around, usually at better than competitor's prices.
Also ask us about our in-house Graphic Designer and artist.

mastering equipment

We accept ALL audio formats.

Contact us today to discuss your project!
Sound Marketing Studios


Recording, Mastering and Voice Over, - Singer Songwriters & Bands
is conveniently located in Surrey, BC near Guildford Mall.
We are serving Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Cloverdale, Delta, Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Richmond, with easy Skytrain access from Vancouver BC.



Contact us today to discuss your project!

Sound Marketing Studios


Lori Dane independent artist

"Thanks for all of your expertise!!...
I look forward
to working with you
again soon!"
-Lori Dane,

"We got great feedback
from Nettwerk Records
about your production.
I'm definately coming
back for more"

- Tim Wood,
Hulla Bulla

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