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Attention Engineering Students!

So, you're thinking of studying music or sound engineering at college
or university this year?
Are you hoping to graduate and then move on to getting hired in a
recording studio?
In the meantime, do you plan on offering your free time helping
around a local studio?
That is great, but before you spend all that money at college or university, consider this.....

Most studios are only looking to hire someone with a solid track record, preferably with clients of their own to bring in to the studio.
The truth is, that oftentimes in the music industry, the school of hard
knocks is treated with more respect than anything else, particularly
when you have a proven track record and can produce the goods
with an obvious ear for sound.

Want to find out if sound recording is really for you before you spend
all that money?
Join the Educational Division at Sound Marketing Studios.
This is your opportunity of a lifetime.
Instead of just sitting in, let professionals train you in a way you
can never learn at college, with hands on experience in a real studio
with real clients.
You will be getting one-on-one personalized attention,
not fighting for it with other classmates.
You only pay by the hour, so there is no risk!
If for any reason you decide that recording is not for you,
you will not have wasted thousands of dollars at college.

On the other hand, we can take you all the way, producing top quality material, in a variety of musical styles; even as far as setting up your own recording studio and how to work the business to be successful.

Currently, we are offering one-on-one training here in the studio with our
top producer for 60 dollars per hour. This is pay as you go, and you set
your own pace, as far as how fast or often you want to learn.

For more information or to set up a free consultation:
Sound Marketing Studios:

"We got great feedback
from Nettwerk Records
about your production.
I'm definately coming
back for more"

- Tim Wood,
Hulla Bulla

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